The Works of Theodore Roosevelt - National Edition - 1926


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20 volumes. National Edition - 1926. Very rare full set.

"Theological School, Kerken, Nederland, Bibliotheek Stamp."

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Green cloth covers.

Paper title label to spine.

Gilt-top page blocks, others untrimmed/uncut.

Decorative green endpapers.

Illustrations and map.

Volume I.

Hunting Trips of a Ranchman; Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail.

xxv, [3], 459 pages.

Volume II.

The Wilderness Hunter; Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter.

xxx, 532 pages.

Volume III.

Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter II;

A Book-lover's Holidays in the Open.

viii, 473 pages.

Volume IV.

African Game Trails.

xxv, 416 pages.

Volume V.

Through the Brazilian Wilderness; Papers on Natural History.

xxv, [7], 411 pages.

Volume VI.

The Naval (truncated) War of 1812.

xxxvii, 437 pages.

Volume VII.

Thomas Hart Benton; Gouverneur Morris.

xxviii, [2], 470 pages.

Volume VIII.

The Winning of the West (1).

xliv, [2], 571 pages.

Volume IX.

The Winning of the West (2).

xix, 549 pages.

Volume X.

Hero Tales from American History, by Henry Cabot Lodge,

Theodore Roosevelt; Oliver Cromwell; New York.

xxiv, 547 pages.

Volume XI.

The Rough Rider; Men of Action.

xix, [5], 351 pages.

Volume XII.

Literary Essays.

xx, 451 pages.

Volume XIII.

American Ideals; The Strenuous Life.

xvii, 677 pages.

Volume XIV.

Campaigns and Controversies.

xxxv, 403 pages.

Volume XV.

State Papers as Governor and President.

xxxv, [3], 548 pages.

Volume XVI.

American Problems.

xxvi, 465 pages.

Volume XVII.

Social Justice and Popular Rule.

xviii, [2], 425 pages.

Volume XVIII.

America and the World War; Fear God and Take Your Own Part.

xxiv, 460 pages.

Volume XIX.

The Foes of Our Own Household. The Great Adventure.

Letters to His Children.

xxvi, 554 pages.

Volume XX.

An autobiography. Index.

x, 591 pages.

A lovely clean set.

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Charles Scribner's Sons., New York
Theodore Roosevelt
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